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  Welcome To Hebei Shuangan Wire Mesh Co.,Ltd.

Founded in the year 1993 as a joint venture with Anderson Wire Works, Inc. of the U.S.A., Hebei Shuangan Wire Mesh Co., Ltd. has been active in wire mesh manufacturing and selling in both the U.S.A. market and other parts of the world.

With six contracted branch wire mesh factories in our corporation, Hebei Shuangan Wire Mesh Co., Ltd. is one of the biggest Sino-foreign joint ventures in Hebei Province. These factories include Stainless Steel Wire Drawing and Weaving Factory, Welding Mesh Factory, PVC Coated Fences Factory, Expanded Mesh Factory, Galvanized Wire Mesh Factory and Barbed Wire Factory. We also have seven departments. They are Production Programme Department, Export Department, Quality Test Department, Supply and Marketing Department,Financial Department, Developing Department and Rear-service Department. All of our administrative personnel and workers have very good fuction and knowledge of technology and the best experience from practice. Till now, we have imported advanced equipment and have conquered much difficulty of producing all kinds of special wire mesh products.

We mainly manufacture and supply Stainless Steel Wire Mesh, Brass Wire Mesh, Black Iron Wire Cloth, Welded Wire Mesh, Hexagonal Wire Netting, Chain Link Fence, Expanded Metal, Window Screening,Barbed Wire as well as other wire mesh products. These wire mesh products are mainly used in oil industry, chemical industry, rubber industry, building industry and paper-making industry, also serve as fences for farm, animal husbandry, highway and railway isolation and protection, etc..

Besides some standard specifications and sizes provided in our website, we can also produce wire mesh products to meet your specific requirements. Contact us now with your enquiry and orders.